Avoid These Three Mistakes When Creating Infographics

Infographics have totally exploded in 2010+ and in 2014 they are more popular than ever before. Marketers, companies and graphic designers use infographics to boost their visibility in a crowded marketplaces. We can see infographics everywhere in the internet. It's also tougher than ever to make infographics that will pop-up and catch attention. Sites like Coolinfographics and Pinterest are some of the most popular websites to promote your infographics a nd if you like to catch readers eye in those sites, your infographics must look like freshly baken and pumped with salt and pepper! I've been searching and watching modern infographics in various websites for hundreds of hours and have found that 90% of the infographics really suck! So today we are going to go the through three biggest mistakes people make while creating infographics.

1. Boring Topic

Well this is pretty clear for anyone that have ever created an infographic. Even the best looking infographic won't get viral if it has no soul. Think about a red beautiful Ferrari for a second. I you'd be a millionaire would you buy it if it had an 92' Toyota Corolla interior? Well maybe you would, if you want to get eyes on the street, but you probably couldn't even ask your mother on board. Same goes with infographics. Boring story, zero shares. If you are promoting a company (your or clients) then a topic is probably something what that company does great. If it seems a boring topic (that hardly goes viral) then it's best to find the correct promoting resources. Some funny facts along the infographic might help it to find success. In case you are trying to go crazy viral with your infographic then I would go to Google Trends and find niches that are popular. Another great way to make popular infographics is to turn the most popular "TOP10 articles" in to infographics. For example: "the 10 most richest people in the planet".

2. Dull Colors

Have you ever been on pinterest and searched for "infographics"? What you'll get is a ton of ash looking infographics. I really mean ASH! No colors popping up, only "white noise". So dead! In that kind of a Sahara desert it's easy for a colorful "flower" to pop up and amaze the viewers. Check out one of my infographic vector templates and you'll notice that colors will do the thing. So how to pop up on pinterest? Simple. Sure you have to have a great design in your elements, but in order to really pop up from the masses, use background colors. I mean those bright ones! It needs a little practise that you won't overkill it with childish too bright colors (of course if it's a child theme, then ROCK ON!). Combination of two colors and two tones should work great. For example a red and blue with some dark grey and lighter gray is a good way to start. Good example of a pop up colors can be found from my Infographic Template Bundle and go to third preview image. It's about 1-2 seconds when people see your infographic and decides if they are going to have a look on it. 1-2 seconds! If your infographic doesn't catch the readers eye, then they will not open it, neither like it and definitely will not share it! In that light, it's so critical to pop up with those bright ones. So remember that your infographic's colors should grab your viewers eyes in 1-2 seconds so always think about those colors.

3. Bad Arrangement and Lack of White Space

Before we are going into arrangement I want to remind you about the Headline of your infographic. That's also one of the most important parts of a successful infographic. Headline must clearly tell what your infographic is about and must be typed in with a HUGE font size. I prefer it Bold! If people don't get the idea of your infographic from your headline, it's a 100% failure. Next goes arrangement. WOOOW, I've seen so many infographics that I can't read or even watch! I start to feel so dizzy and almost puke up when I see infographics with awful arrangements. I don't know why there is so many of them out there? Does people design them eyes closed? I normally won't get so emotional on things, but in "my little infographic" -mind, I just want to see a change in this area. So pay attention to arrangement in your infographics. Actually I started to create infographic templates because of this. I saw that most of the designers couldn't have infographics done without a messy look. If you are struggling in this area, no problem. I don't blame you. I've done several infographic template sets that have a clear arrangement to start with. They are easy to edit and fast to work with. For example, these sets have sold 5000+ times. In my infographic templates I've taken inspiration from the well designed websites, because they have build on grid that keeps designing easy, fast and clear. I believe that it is one of the biggest reasons I'm seeing success with my infographic templates. Making an easy to read infographic is a total win-win situation for all. Readers get the point much easier and you get your infographic understood. Hand-in-hand with rearrangement goes white space. You might have a problem that you have too much elements and text going on there in your infographic. That will be seen as a too "crowded" infographic. Too much in a too small area. That's simply hard to read and hard to understand. Seeing that kind of a design, I always skip it. Solving that kind of a problem is simple. Remove unnecessary text and elements. There is always something too much. Keeping your infographic clean is so important for it to be understood. If you still want to keep it all there, then try smaller font sizes or split it into two or more infographics.


So go for a STRONG and clear headline. Type it like this "My Awesome Headline" or like this "MY AWESOME HEADLINE". Use clear arrangement and white space to keep your infographic as readable as possible. I hope these three key parts helps you to make your next infographic cleaner, catchier and awesome! If you already haven't then grab my free infographic template bundle.

Let's keep creating great infographics, Mats @ infographictemplateshop.com